Let Your Dog Off The Leash!

Laurney Lodge’s Aberdeenshire off the lead dog park provides the opportunity for your dog to exercise, enjoy the fresh air, practice training techniques, play games and generally race around and burn off all that doggy energy. These activities are important for physical health because they prevent problems such as obesity.

You can have exclusive use for up to three dogs of our Unleashed secure dog field for just £10 for a 50 minute session. We are conveniently situated for Aberdeen and points South, just a couple of miles off the main A90 road between Stonehaven and Laurencekirk.

Who let the dogs out? You did!

A liberating experience for dogs and their owners alike

It can provide essential mental stimulation and help prevent the development of problem behaviours. Dogs that are highly socialized and exercised are healthier, happier, and less aggressive in behavior. They are less likely to bark or be destructive or aggressive if they are able to expend pent-up energy during regular play or exercise.

Dog owners who are worried about letting their dog off the leash in public will feel the freedom as much as their doggy companion as they watch them race around enjoying the freedom without any of  the worries about random interactions with other dogs, humans or animals.

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